The 36th Annual Mom's Weekend Fashion Show

April 12th, 2019 at 6:00 PM

The 36th Annual Mom's Weekend Fashion show is brought to you by WSU Apparel Merchandising Textiles and Design, Fashion Show Class. This year, Emerge theme will be featuring our 16 senior designer lines, as well as, other design students best work they have produced, thus far. 

Our AMDT senior designers concluded that Emerge resonates in their inspiration and designs that they are presenting this season. By definition, Emerge is relating to how the seniors are emerging designers. Although, to our designers, Emerge means so much more than that. Our designers are breaking fashion stereotypes and paving a new road for the fashion industry. Our designers are putting light on real occurring problems, within our industry. This year, you will see several lines all about inclusivity. Some designs that you will see are lines created for the average size woman,  a collection that is gender fluid, and so much more. 


WSU's Annual Mom's Weekend Fashion Show

The 36th Annual Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show is brought to you by the Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles at Washington State University. The show is produced by students in the fashion show production class, which features women’s and men's apparel designs that are constructed by undergraduate and graduate design students. The production class is comprised of merchandising and design students who build the show from the ground up. Their focus is to experience the synergy of planning, implementing, and evaluating a major project, which includes extensive collaborative work. Students gain exposure to every aspect of event production including marketing, promotions, public relations, pre-show design, choreography, management, leadership, and teamwork. This website is just one of the many ways students in the fashion show production class are using their skills and experience to promote the upcoming show.


Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles (AMDT)

As the largest and most comprehensive 4-year apparel and textiles program that offers a full Apparel Design program and an in-depth Merchandising program in Washington, AMDT offers students all of the tools necessary to succeed in the fashion, retail, textiles and apparel industries. We have state of the art classroom equipment, fully equipped apparel design studios, a program and curriculum aligned with the industry, and nationally and internationally recognized faculty.

Students are challenged to understand all aspects of the textile, apparel, and fashion industry. For a more in-depth focus, students have a choice between a Design Option or Merchandising Option. Students are expected to graduate with a thorough understanding of the apparel and textile industry, from concept to consumer. Students can take part in various activities such as the fashion show production or design class, internships, study tours, student clubs, and undergraduate research opportunities.

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*This website is managed by the students of WSU’s AMDT Fashion Show Production Class.